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We’ve worked in the Environment Sector for over 15 years, building partnerships with customers including the Environment Agency, the Met Office and the Coal Authority. Our focus means that we have established a wealth of specialist environmental domain knowledge that allows us to speak the business language of our customers. Our work has spanned a number of domains including Climate Change, Environmental Regulation and Reporting, Regulatory Compliance, Utilities and Planning / Mapping.

Smart Geo-Reporting

Our award winning approach enables organisations to realise greater benefits of spatial data, through automation, self-digitisation, and tighter integration within the enterprise.

Inspection & Mobile

Our mobile solutions empower our users, giving them all the relevant data and forms to report back whilst being out of the office, whether it is via the latest mobile devices, or more traditional laptop technology.

Environmental Systems Consultancy

We provide consultancy services enabling organisations to derive maximum value re-using existing information assets, reducing the need to invest in new and recycling existing technologies

Environmental Application Management

Our application management team ensure that your important solutions are available when you need them.  We specialise in complex and non standard application support, which includes many key environmental applications in the UK. 

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